Inrō with Manju Netsuke and Earrings

Inrō with Manju Netsuke and Earrings. Yukata fabric, wood, copper, silver, shibuichi, powder coating, and acrylic varnish.

Yukata Jewelry Show, Danaca Design Gallery

Traditionally, Japanese people did not wear jewelry. Instead, they adorned themselves with kimono, kanzashi, and other personal items. Inspired by this I made an inrō (a small container for small, important items that would be hung from the obi, or belt of a kimono) and a pair of earrings from shibuichi (a Japanese copper-silver alloy) that are based in the flowers from the yukata fabric I received. I also used shibuichi in the manju netsuke, the “anchor” that hangs over the top edge of the obi.